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-It all started because she needed a creative outlet- 


Nina Fae picked up a camera at first wanting to document a very important trip back to her home city of Chicago. It only took a few days to obsess over the concept of photography which has since lead to something she couldn't have imagined. With being in the music scene, Nina was a heavy concert goer and couldn't have thought of a better way to take her new found passion to the next level and photograph not only artists but really capture what she believes music does to the world as it brings love, laughter, and people together for a good time.

Nina got into concert photography in early 2017. She had the opportunity to capture Kayzo for her very first show... and it didn't stop there. From the Midwest to Los Angeles, California Nina Fae has had the chance to shoot debut performances for artists such as 13th Zodiac and ATLAST as well the privilege to shoot for some other iconic artists at Sound Nightclub, Exchange LA, OWSLA, and Envy. 

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